YongNuo 100mm F2 Best Budget Portrait Lens of 2017?

Many portrait photographers prefer the 100mm and 105mm focal length over the 85mm length. Nikon released an interesting and expensive 105mm F1.4 lens that has received a lot of praise. However, 100mm at F2 still produces a very desirable level of depth of field. This lens has far less elements than Nikon’s, but that sometimes produces a character that some photographers find more pleasing for portraiture than the look provided by modern lenses.

At an expected price of $170, this might turn out to be the best budget portrait lens of 2017.

Nikon Introduces A Supremely Interesting Portrait Lens


Nikon’s new 105mm AF-S lens is the first 105mm lens to have an aperture of F1.4.  We were always a fan of Nikon’s previous 105mm DC lens so we have great expectations for this lens.  Yes, it’s big, heavy, and expensive ($2200).  But if you think of this lens as an investment to use over a period of many years it’s really not that bad for what it is.

There are a few sample photos available taken with this lens, but not many.

Sony FE 24-70mm Gets Good Marks at DXOMark


DXOMark measures more technical aspects of a lens, especially its resolution.  It doesn’t capture everything about a lens, and some lenses that score poorly on DXOMark may have other beautiful characteristics that make them worthwhile beyond just resolution.  That said, DXOMark have reviewed Sony’s 24-70 F2.8 FE and find it to be an excellent lens.

One of the features of this lens that DXOMark doesn’t capture, but is of importance to fashion photographers, is the bokeh of this lens.  Normally 24-70mm lenses are not known for smooth out-of-focus areas but this lens does surprisingly good in this area.  This lens is weaker at the 70mm than the 24mm end, but that’s not unusual for this type of zoom lens.  This lens can replace several primes for you if you can live with the F2.8.