Sony Becomes A More Viable Option to Canon and Nikon for Fashion Photography

Many of the sensors in Nikon cameras are made by Sony, and Sony’s sensors are considered superior to Canon’s.  Despite having great sensors Sony cameras have not been good until the recent generation (the Sony A7r II is usable for some kinds of fashion photography) and we expect Sony will continue to improve and eventually begin to match and maybe even exceed Canon and Nikon. Lens choices was a huge issue for Sony shooters, but they’ve made things more interesting by releasing three lenses that are great focal lengths for fashion photography: 85mm F1.4, 24-70 F2.8, and a 70-200 F2.8.

But this is where things get a bit fuzzy.  These 3 lenses are big lenses and Sony’s camera bodies are small.  If you’re going to have a big lens then what’s the advantage of having a small body? We like the Sony with smaller lenses as it’s way easier to carry around than a dSLR.  But if you’re going to have big lenses, should you just stick with a dSLR anyway since their autofocus and price are better? How a photographer answers these questions will depend on a large number of factors.  Choice is a good thing though, and we applaud Sony for adding more lenses that will be of use to the fashion photographer.