About Nikon and Canon’s New Cameras



First the Nikon D5 was released, and now Canon’s EOS-1D X Mark II.  These are both great cameras that will set you back $6000.  With their very fast frame-rates, improved autofocus and their low-light abilities, these are great cameras for shooting runway photography or any other darkly lit venue where your subject is moving around a lot.

These two new cameras are both 20 megapixels each.  You could buy a Canon 6D or a Nikon D610 and have a full frame camera at only a quarter of the price. And you will have the same or more megapixels.  A lot of fashion photography involves a model standing still(ish) and following direction.  The 6D or D610 are more than enough for that scenario.

Alternatively you can buy a Nikon D5500 or Canon T6i and still have more megapixels than either of the $6000 cameras.

Obviously the more expensive cameras have advantages but in good lighting, with a decent lens, and in the hands of a competent photographer it becomes really hard to tell images apart on modern sensors which are mostly all good.

We understand gear lust you can worry about having the best gear when you’re making too much money from your photography.  But in the meanwhile learning the art and skill of photography is far better than sinking money into camera bodies whose value can drop quickly.  And for fashion photography in particular we have one of the strongest use cases to prefer megapixels.  More megapixels is better for print, and a lot of fashion photography is destined for print.  For this reason we prefer the Nikon D810 (36 megapixels) and the Canon 5Ds (50 megapixels) or even the Sony A7r II (42 megapixels) over the D5 or 1D X II.  Remember too, and we will explain this in a later post, to get double the megapixels of about 20 you will need around 80 megapixels.